Thursday, June 12, 2014

This Art Year!

        This art year has been a lot of fun, we did many projects. We did some drawing, painting, made books, and even worked with clay! Out of all, the making of the book was probably my favorite considering it's something I can always have and continue to work on even while I'm not in class.  Also, I can go in any direction with the book, I can draw with pencil, marker, or colored pencil, and even paint. I also feel that I can express myself the most in the book than in any of the previous projects.

Time Capsule

                I have filled my time capsule with things that represent my personality and hobbies. Some things that my time capsule contains are lists of my favorite music artists, activities, and also a letter to myself. I also put in a label to one of my favorite drinks, Arizona Iced Tea. Receipts, train tickets, and  tickets to movies I've recently seen are also cluttered all around. I kept the outside design of my time capsule pretty simple so I can place it anywhere around my house. Everything in my capsule says something about who I am and I'm quite content with the objects that I have decided to fill it with.