Monday, November 18, 2013

                                                What Does Our Collection Reveal About Us?

  Our most recent art assignment was to bring in two things that are blue. After every student brought in two blue things we put them all into one collection, which raises the question what does our collection reveal about us? I think our collection reveals our age group, considering some things shown in the picture below, such as perfume from Hollister, a store aimed toward a 14-25 year olds. Our collection also reveals the time period we live in, because there is an iphone case shown. The collection greatly shows our interests, there is a football, which interprets the interest in sports, a belt, to interpret the interest in fashion, and pens and pencils to interpret the interest in academics. This group collection reflects some of my personal tastes, such as the perfume, the belt, the gum, and nail polish.

                     Recently, our art class has looked at artists who collect different things to use as artwork. Collecting vs. hoarding, what is the difference? I believe that collecting things means keeping things of importance, and hoarding is just messiness. I collect nail polish, because I like constantly having my nails painted, this reflects me as a person because I enjoy painting. I think that my personal collection greatly reflects on American culture today because it is a display of modern art. 

Monday, November 4, 2013

                                            Candy Jar Drawing

 I found candy to be very fun to draw. Unlike the bike I have previously drew, candy is colorful and an enjoyable process. During the course of this drawing, I used pencil lightly for sketching, then I used colored  pencil for everything else, such as coloring and shading. 

              Bicycle Drawing

    Over the course of a few weeks, I have been working on drawing a bicycle. Although this seems like an easy task, shading and  highlighting was quite difficult. Using only pencil was probably the hardest part for me, considering I had to make the handle bars and other parts of the bicycle look like metal. Drawing the bike itself was probably my favorite part of the bicycle drawing process, but after finishing shading, I was glad to have been introduced to composition and value.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

        Welcome to my blog, the Art Cafe! This page will be updated with projects I am currently working on in my art class, hope you enjoy!