Thursday, June 12, 2014

This Art Year!

        This art year has been a lot of fun, we did many projects. We did some drawing, painting, made books, and even worked with clay! Out of all, the making of the book was probably my favorite considering it's something I can always have and continue to work on even while I'm not in class.  Also, I can go in any direction with the book, I can draw with pencil, marker, or colored pencil, and even paint. I also feel that I can express myself the most in the book than in any of the previous projects.

Time Capsule

                I have filled my time capsule with things that represent my personality and hobbies. Some things that my time capsule contains are lists of my favorite music artists, activities, and also a letter to myself. I also put in a label to one of my favorite drinks, Arizona Iced Tea. Receipts, train tickets, and  tickets to movies I've recently seen are also cluttered all around. I kept the outside design of my time capsule pretty simple so I can place it anywhere around my house. Everything in my capsule says something about who I am and I'm quite content with the objects that I have decided to fill it with.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Story Pole Assignment Story

      A mixture of anticipation and excitement flooded the room as my parents paced back and forth preparing to deliver the "big news". When the news was finally conveyed, I was elated, and so was the rest of the family. My parents told me that I would soon be getting a new baby brother or sister. I was filled with excitement, but soon those feelings turned to impatience, was this baby ever coming? The biggest part of the surprise was that I wouldn't know the gender of the baby until it was here, and as a young child, the anticipation was eating at me. 
                             Slowly, the months passed, and finally, the fun part came. Our family was hosting all sorts of "baby" parties, and along with parties, came the gifts. Although all of the gifts were things for the baby, I still enjoyed unwrapping them. There were clothes, building blocks, blankets, baby bottles, pacifiers, and all sorts of baby related items, and in that moment, I realized that this was all real. I was actually going to be a big sister. Soon the thought became reality, on October 31, 2005, my family welcomed my little brother, Ryan, into both the world and our family. 

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Fortune Cookie Inspired Book Page

The fortune cookie inspired book page was a fun assignment. We were given 6 fortunes and were assigned to make a book page inspired by the fortunes. Every fortune has a meaning and many of the meanings drifted together to make a cool piece, leaving you thinking of the message that the art is trying to get across.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Pop Print

For our pop print assignment, we took an everyday item, brought it in, and made it into a "pop print". I made a bunch of prints in different colors, on different types/colors of paper and picked a favorite. I chose to do my pop print on nail polish because for me, it is an everyday thing that I am constantly using. I was a little disappointed in my overall design, but I liked the different colors used.

Art x 3

One of our recent projects consisted of working on something we didn't start. The main goal was to portray what it is to be a celebrity- is it really all that glamorous? We started by creating an image in forty minutes and the next day we got someone else's and worked from there, with what they had already started. In all, we switched three times, and after completing the third one, we were finished. 

Monday, November 18, 2013

                                                What Does Our Collection Reveal About Us?

  Our most recent art assignment was to bring in two things that are blue. After every student brought in two blue things we put them all into one collection, which raises the question what does our collection reveal about us? I think our collection reveals our age group, considering some things shown in the picture below, such as perfume from Hollister, a store aimed toward a 14-25 year olds. Our collection also reveals the time period we live in, because there is an iphone case shown. The collection greatly shows our interests, there is a football, which interprets the interest in sports, a belt, to interpret the interest in fashion, and pens and pencils to interpret the interest in academics. This group collection reflects some of my personal tastes, such as the perfume, the belt, the gum, and nail polish.